The Human Design For Us All iOS App Instructions

  • When the App is opened, make sure the "Allow Location" is turned to "while using" : Settings> Human Design> Allow HumanDesign to Access> Location.
  • To draw up a Life Chart :
  • Touch the rotating Wheel in the bottom Right Hand Corner or the + in the Top Right Corner
  • Touch and write First Name, (beware of "spell-check!")
  • Touch and enter Last Name (for iOS).
  • Touch and enter Date of Birth from scroll down menu. (For Android : Choose Month/Date first, then Year)> (Done).
  • Touch and enter Time of Birth from scroll down menu. Note hours are in 24 hour scale, eg. : 5pm = 12 + 5 = 17. (Done); Time Zone is calculated for you unless you are offline, in which case enter the Time Zone for your Place of Birth from the drop down menu.> (Done).
  • Touch and enter Place of Birth (Select your region : Write in the first letters of either United States or "Country" (touch the country's name offered below bars to self-select).
  • Then enter the City nameoffered below bars to self-select (be prepared to scroll down through a list andbe aware of "spell-check" changing spelling).
  • Enter email address.
  • Generate Chart.
Save the Life Chart (Top right).

To See the Lines Information :

Touch Conscious and Unconscious to get the drop down menu of Gate and Lines in the Chart.

The 384Lines :

  • The upgraded version of the App will give full information on the Planetary activation, Gates and Lines.
  • Open Conscious and Unconscious columns > Touch a specific Gate/Line. (To close each page, touch the X at the bottom of the Page.)
  • A small open or closed circle alongside each Gate/Line indicates a strong association of the activating Planet with that Line.
  • An asterisk indicates another Planet in that Gate or Channel is affecting that particular Line.

Centers, Defined and Undefined :

Touch each Center to find out their significance in your Life Chart.

Further Options :

With a Life Chart open :Touch the White Wheel below the Chart for further options
  • "Type"describes your Type of Design, with a description of both Limitations and Strengths.
  • "Authority"gives you your particular Decision-Making process. (The upgrade version provides more information including your Strengths and Limitations in making good decisions).
  • "Profiles" gives you your Profile. (The upgrade version provides more information including your Strengths and Limitationsinherent in your personal Profile).
  • "Info"repeats the birth information you used for the Life Chart. (A future upgrade will list important dates in your life).
  • "Life Destiny" is a Future Upgrade that will describe your personal journey through life and the transition towards a potentially more mature perspective.
  • "Channels"gives you a list of any "defined" and "activated" Channels in your Design. (The upgrade provides more information for your personal Human Design including the particular traits of your Channels).
  • "Life Theme" calculates your particular Life Theme for this lifetime. (This is one of 192 different potential Life Themes and provides the page number inThe Book of Destinies, Discover the Life You Were Born to Live, by ChetanParkynand Carola Eastwood). Include Link : ).

To send a Personal Life Chart and App Link by Social Media :

"Send" option in the top-right of the screen lets you forward charts to others through email or social media. The chart will carry with it the App id for others to get the App.

Calculate another Chart or return to the Menu :

  • Touch "Load Chart"
  • (Top Left) to upload another Life Chart, or to return to the Menu.
  • Touch"New Chart"(Top Left) to calculate another Life Chart, or to return to the Menu.
  • Touch "Back"(Top Left) to return to the Home Page.
  • TouchThree Bar the s (Top Left) to open the Menu.
  • "Load Chart"opens the list of previously calculated Life Charts.

Edit or Delete Charts :

To edit or delete any Life Chart. Go to Menu, Load Chart, and then from the right side of the screen, slide to the left, Touch on "Edit" or "Delete."

Transits :

  • "Current Transit" calculates the Life Chart for the present moment, as a Conscious, Unconscious or combined Conscious/Unconscious display. (The upgrade version of the App will allow you to combine your Life Chart with the energies of any particular day and time).
  • In "Current Transit" all dates, places and times can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Transit + Personal Life Chart :

  • This is available in the upgraded version, in which you can open the transit for any day or time and then add any saved Life chart to see the combination Chart.
  • This Transit + Chart combination works for separate Conscious and Unconscious Transit selections, as well as combined Conscious + Unconscious options.

Change Chart and background Coloring :

"Settings" adjusts the imagery options of the Life Charts.

Relationship Charts (Upgraded Version) :

  • In the Menu, Touch on "Relationship Chart."
  • Touch/select two names.
  • Touch "Make Chart" (Top Right Corner).
  • Touch names to get drop-down Planet, Gate and Line information
  • Slide left or right to see individual Life Charts
  • Slide to the Center to see combined Chart.

Future Upgrades :

Please check back for further upgrades.